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Unbelievable Joy: 10 Incredible Benefits of a Life Without Alcohol 

Are you considering a life without alcohol? It might just be one of the most liberating decisions you’ll ever make.

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”
–Maya Angelou

Here are the top benefits that will inspire you to explore an alcohol-free lifestyle:

1. Mental Clarity

Alcohol wreaks havoc on the neurotransmitters in the brain as it interferes with how neurons communicate with each other. Add on disrupted sleep, increased anxiety from alcohol, and low energy and you can see how this takes away from the brain’s ability to work optimally. You may not even realize that you have brain fog until you remove it and see how it feels!

2. No More Hangxiety

Waking up each day knowing that you don’t have to rewind the night and relive embarrassing moments is undescribable. When you remove alcohol you give yourself back every second of wasted mental energy that used to go to worrying about feeling guilty about your actions the night before.

3. More Mental Energy

How much time do you give to thinking about alcohol? Do you spend time thinking about when you will have that glass of wine, how many drinks you will allow yourself, how you will really stick to only 2 because you know that is your limit.

What type of alcohol you will allow yourself to have, or wondering if you will have to be the designated driver which makes you irritable because you feel deprived? All of these questions take your mental energy away from all the exciting things you could be thinking about.

4. Deep Sleep

If you consider yourself a deep sleeper this may be the best kept secret about being alcohol free. Drinking alcohol disrupts the REM sleep cycle as it shortens the first two stages throwing the whole cycle off balance.

A 2018 study showed a 9.3% decrease in sleep quality for men having less than two drinks and women less than one, a 24% decrease in sleep quality for men having two drinks and women one, and a 39.2% decrease for men having two or more drinks and women more than one. Wow! No wonder sleep improves when alcohol is removed. I have to say this is my personal favorite!

5. More Physical Energy

When the body is no longer processing alcohol you naturally have more energy. The stress hormones that are released when drinking can circulate in your body for 1-2 weeks.

When your hormones are thrown out of whack over and over again the end result is worsening health and lower levels of energy. Ditching alcohol is invigorating as your body doesn’t have to fight to process it.

6. Enhanced Intuition

Alcohol dampens how we experience the world. When everything is muted we can’t hear our intuition. It is trying to talk to us but it can’t get beyond a very faint whisper. It’s like we are all clogged up and what our deeper selves are trying to tell us stays far away from our reality.

7. Increased Creativity

This benefit is pretty obvious! If you feel better mentally, physically and emotionally you are going to be more creative. You are freeing up space in your mind to think differently and you have more time in your life to enjoy your creative pursuits.

When you say goodbye to hangovers you say hello to a whole lot more time doing what you love.

8. Feelings of Empowerment

If you have been drinking for a while you don’t know any other way to be. You go out to dinner and order a drink, go to brunch with your friends and have a Bloody Mary, feel stressed after a long day and pour yourself a glass of wine.

When you stop including alcohol it makes you feel brave and confident because you are doing something different. You are doing something just for you and it feels like you are experiencing a whole new world. You will start to notice things you never noticed before and you will find yourself doing things you never imagined you could do!

9. Having an Evening Routine You Can Be Present For

Evening routines are often ignored as exhaustion sets in and collapsing on the bed sounds great. As alcohol slows everything down it is not surprising that when drinking the present moment disappears and at home in the evening fatigue can set in.

Cutting alcohol out of your evening routine can buy you back precious time and energy to do something good for yourself. Picture your ideal routine and start with doing one aspect of it. Maybe it is writing in a journal, doing a meditation in bed, or reading a book. You won’t believe how much nicer your night is as well as your morning when you give this a try.

10. More Happiness

When you drink, levels of dopamine, GABA, and serotonin increase and it feels pretty good, for about 20 minutes. If you don’t have another drink these neurotransmitter levels start to decrease and actually end up lower than before that first drink.This feeling becomes the new normal and everything else becomes kind of bland leading right back to the drinking cycle.

This list could go on and on. If any of these benefits resonate with you, getting curious about what life might be like without alcohol might be exactly the right next step for you. Alcohol free living will lower the levels of overwhelm in your life. The only way to see is to give it a whirl! I wish someone had told me this a long time ago!

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