Navigating Indecision on the Path to Living an Aligned Life

Raise your hand if you often find yourself caught in the web of indecision. What if I told you that indecision is not a roadblock but a cue urging you to pause, connect with your intuition, and listen? During the winter of 2022 I got really overwhelmed with carrying too much on my shoulders. Everything […]

Unlocking the Power of Executive Functioning: Your Guide to Unleashing Control and Clarity in Your Mind 💡🌟

Executive Functioning

Ever felt like an orchestra conductor surrounded by musicians sitting in random seats? Imagine the chaos and confusion. That’s precisely what weakened executive functioning skills can create in your mind—disarray when you need harmony. Executive functioning is the mental conductor orchestrating tasks in our brain. And while it’s commonly associated with ADHD, challenges here aren’t […]

Unlocking the Power Within: Harnessing Neuroplasticity for Personal Growth

Unlock your potential written on a piece of paper sitting on a desk

Have you ever heard of neuroplasticity? I believe it is one of the most incredible things our brain does. It means that our brain has the ability to rewire itself enabling us to learn and adapt throughout our lives. In this journey of self improvement, understanding neuroplasticity is a game-changer! I like to think of […]

Anything is Possible! Really!

Person walking on path

“I am so overwhelmed!” or “It is all so overwhelming!” I hear this repeatedly every single day from clients regardless of age.  Between expectations society places on us and unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves, how can any of us feel any other way? A few days ago I watched an employee at a local […]