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Life can be overwhelming, especially for those managing ADHD. Finding balance, focus, and joy is crucial to living an aligned life. Join me for an engaging and transformative virtual workshop tailored specifically for individuals wanting to lessen the overwhelm in their lives. Discover the power of journaling as a tool to navigate the life with more clarity, calmness, and purpose.

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Go from overwhelm to aligned and focused!

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Hello! I'm Tracey.

Like you, I have experienced intense overwhelm… for years!

It wasn’t until I learned how to lean into my fears and trust that the universe had my back that I was able to start down a new path. 

I finally realized that I could use my intuitive nature, combined with over twenty years of experience in the field of ADHD, my degree is Psychology and Masters level education in conflict resolution, to create a system that lessens overwhelm… for me and for others!

And once the overwhelm is gone, visualizing and achieving your dreams becomes a true reality!

Tracey Bromley Goodwin

Journaling Joy

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