Navigating Indecision on the Path to Living an Aligned Life

Raise your hand if you often find yourself caught in the web of indecision. What if I told you that indecision is not a roadblock but a cue urging you to pause, connect with your intuition, and listen?

During the winter of 2022 I got really overwhelmed with carrying too much on my shoulders. Everything felt heavy and I decided that the time was now to start making big changes in my life. I was fed up with indecision and the drain it was causing in my life. I dug deep and immersed myself in everything related to personal development. I had to get really uncomfortable as I let go of fear and started trusting in something bigger than myself. Once I did it was like a veil had been lifted and my inner voice got louder and louder so I could listen to it with ease. This is when I started kicking indecision to the curb. 

For example, 

  • Do you typically consider everyone else’s feelings and desires before your own? 
  • Do you feel shame and guilt when you don’t do what you think you “should” be doing? 
  • Do you compare yourself to others as a way to assess what you should do? 
  • Do you worry you will make the wrong decision so you stay paralyzed in fear?

Once you have clarity ask yourself if your indecision is serving you positively  in any way. If you are experiencing overwhelm it most likely is not and it is time to recognize you are stuck in old patterns of decision making that you need to let go of. This one step can provide the boost you need to start making a change today!

I want this for you too!

Understand the Why Behind Your Indecision

Understanding where your indecision comes from is a great first step. Being indecisive is a natural aspect of the human experience so acknowledging it as such rather than trying to push it down can be transformative on its own. Consider what drives your indecision. Is it people pleasing behavior, fear, lack of solid boundaries, or overwhelm with the amount of choices you have to make. 

The Decision Mastery Challenge

Start thinking about indecision as a game you are playing and the goal is to beat the amount of time it usually takes to make a decision. I want you to start small with something pretty insignificant like should I go out to dinner with friends or stay home and watch Netflix, should I make dinner or order out, should I lay on the couch or fold laundry. This game will begin to strengthen your decision making powers!

Here are the rules: 

  1. Set a  window of time that you will use to make this decision. Not days or hours but 5-10 minutes. 
  1. Journal, pace, sit, close your eyes, lay down, do whatever provides space in your mind while you go through this activity. 
  1. Remind yourself that whatever decision you make is the right one for you at this moment in time. Whether you end up happy with the choice or not, lessons are always being learned.
  1. I only want you to think about yourself. Not what everyone else wants you to do or what you “should” do but what you actually need and want for yourself. 
  1. When your mind says, “I don’t know what I want to do” that is an excuse. Call it out, get uncomfortable, confront it, and listen for that inner voice to give you a clue. Once you hear that voice don’t second guess that decision.
  1. When the window of time is  up make a decision even if you don’t want to.
  1. Remember this is a game and you are aiming to beat the amount of time it usually takes you to make a decision.  
  1. Repeat as often as needed!

The next time you find yourself at a crossroads, remember that indecision is not a roadblock but a stepping stone towards a more authentic and purposeful existence.

If this entire process feels complicated, or you feel like you can’t find or struggle to listen to your inner voice, that is okay. The only step to take is to do something different and see if it works. 

The next time you find yourself at a crossroads, remember that indecision is not a roadblock but a stepping stone towards a more authentic and purposeful existence.

I am here every step of the way so send me an email and tell me how the game is going for you! 

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